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These Planetary symbols are found in an Ancient Grimoire-"The Key Of Solomon The King" written by Master Magician King Solomon
Solomon believed that the Seven Ancient "Planets" had immense power over Mankind and the Spirit World. The Priests, Rabbis, and Mystics of the Ancient World believed that the "Planets" had immense powers over the emotions, character, and physical attributes of Mankind as well as the "Spirit World."
They knew of Seven "Planets": The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn and believed that the Magical Symbols,(which we have engraved onto our talisman) channeled the Powers of these Planets and commanded the Spirits of each Planet to obey.
Our talismans are carefully chosen for their great powers and correctly prepared using the traditional methods of great age known to only a few skilled craftsman. Use them with goodness and wisdom as they are very powerful..

Good for all love matters. Command the spirit of Venus and gain power over your "object of desire." This talisman is unequaled for all matters of the heart, love romance, beauty, desirability and grace. Consists of the second and fourth pentacles of Venus.

This piece is Superbly hand-crafted in the highest quality lead-free Pewter available. A unique finishing process is used resulting in one of the most beautiful lines of jewelry you can find!

Designs carefully researched from historical & mystical texts including The Key of Solomon, Hermetic Qabalah (Kabbalah, Kabala, Cabala) Order of the Golden Dawn

This pendant is brand new, detailed on both sides and comes with a 36" black cord with accent bead.
Cast in Lead-free, kid safe, "Hallmark" brand Pewter. Copr 1994. The pendant is double sided and the pendant size is

1 5/8" h x 1 7/16" w approx.

Venus Talisman (Seal of Solomon)