The second book in the Rose Trilogy is Rose AlchemyThe Reiki/Seichim Integration. In Atlantis the members of the arcane rose mystery schools understood that the rose is not merely a flower or a symbolthe rose is a living deity and a spiritual being in its own right. The rose energy takes us all beyond our current definitions of metaphysics, mastery, and oneness. It catapults the energy systems of Reiki and Seichim into a new form. Whatever the colour, whatever the meaning, the rose in its many forms speaks a universal language. It moves us beyond individuality. And rosesroses are natures most perfect potent and diverse expression of beauty and passion. They symbolise exquisite love, power, and royalty; at the same time they prod us with their thorns and move us to a state of receptivity. The merger of Reiki and Seichim into rose alchemy brings us into a gentle state of being our true selves.

Rose Alchemy