• EFFECTIVE, AUTHENTIC ELITE SHUNGITE: Shungite has been used for centuries as water purifier, disinfectant and to reduce inflammation. In our Living Water Kit we use only Elite Shungite, also known as Type 1 or Noble Shungite. This amazing mineral naturally helps to neutralize harmful contaminants, purify water and air and provide powerful antioxidants
  • NATURAL SOURCE OF FULLERENES FOR WATER PURIFICATION: Shungite is the only natural material to contain FULLERENES, unique carbon molecules that neutralize free radicals and also offer EMF protection. Spherical carbon molecules, FULLERENES, when placed in water, acts like sponges, attracting, absorbing and neutralizing harmful contaminants.
  • WHAT’S IN YOUR LIVING WATER KIT: 50gr / 1.76oz Elite Shungite Gravel, preconditioned to be used right out of the package; 3 pouches for containing the stones in Sports Bottles, Jars, and Pitchers. All our Shungite is sourced directly from Karelia, Russia and is tested for authenticity.
  • HOW TO MAKE SHUNGITE WATER: Place Shungite stones in the included pouch. Drop the pouch in a glass, ceramic or enamel container. Fill container with cold water, one 50 gr pouch of Shungite per 1 liter. Let Shungite soak overnight or for at least 8 hours; soak for 24-72 hrs for optimum results. Add more water to your vessel as you use it.
  • VERSITILE AND EASY TO USE: Enjoy pure, mineralized and energizing water where ever you go with easy to use Shungite! Carry in your sports water bottle, use for cooking, making tea, coffee or any other beverages, share with your family, give it to your pet, use it to water you plants.
  • 50g bag

Modern ŌM Shungite Living Water Kit | Ready to Use Authentic Elite Shungite Deto