Like other ancient Eastern practices that are adding rich new dimensions to American life, feng shui is both science and art. It is a system for arranging your living and working environment to promote the beneficial flow of chi, the dragon's vital cosmic breath, the fundamental energy of life itself. One of the world's most renowned practitioners of feng shui, Lillian Too has helped thousands of people bring success and contentment into their lives. Too makes accessible a wealth of Chinese wisdom, the five elements, yin/yang theory, numerology, and other practices, showing you how to apply the principles of feng shui to achieve a richer, fuller life.

- In and around your home: Interior and exterior layouts that attract chi into your entryway, living room, dining room, bedroom, and kitchen--plus structural features to avoid and the most harmonious fences and gates
- At work: Office shapes and furniture placement that maximize chi and deflect the poisonous negative energy of shar chi; the best sitting arrangements and lighting for beneficial energies
- Relationships: Potent environments for romance, marriage, conception, and the well-being of children
- Health: Healing orientations for sleeping and eating
- Finances: Secrets for attracting money and encouraging economic growth
- Good luck: Tapping into the auspicious energies of the crimson phoenix, the green dragon, the turtle, and the tiger

Fully illustrated, comprehensive, and packed with hundreds of practical, easy-to-follow suggestions, Lillian Too's Essential Feng Shui gives you everything you need to know to harmonize your life with the powerful energies of the earth.

Essential Feng Shui