Winner of 8 national awards and honors; a perennial bestseller!

One of the very, very few card decks of its kind developed specifically for children! This card deck, housed in a lovely box, is unique, beautiful, imaginative, and a substantial tool for parents and kids alike. 

These simple yet powerful Children's Spirit Animal Cards offer children the opportunity to choose daily wisdom cards that deliver beautiful, age-appropriate messages, delivered by each animal, of love and guidance to help them as they develop and grow. But many adults use and thoroughly enjoy this deck for themselves as well. 

The kid-friendly messages include themes of kindness, respect, love for the Earth and its inhabitants, self-love, cooperation, community, and appropriate communication. Stunningly illustrated, this simply gorgeous 24-card deck for small hands come with an enclosed guidebook by internationally-renowned and highly-awarded author Dr. Steven Farmer with Jesseca Camacho, that provides children easy-to-understand insight into the ideas suggested by each animal card. 

The Guidebook includes a Guide for Parents section, suggesting additional activities that kids and parents can enjoy together. A beautiful and memorable deck that kids and grown-ups will use often and for many years to come. Ideal for conscious parenting, for softly educating kids about life skills and core values, including loving themselves, respecting all forms of life, being kind, helping others, finding their voice, trying new things, and more. This perennial bestseller is being enjoyed by children and parents around the world. An ideal birthday, Christmas, holiday gift, or just for no reason at all! Many owners of this deck, whether adult or children, have been using it for more than 10 years.

Children Spirit Animal Cards