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The Mystic Eye New Age Boutique

Founded by Alexis Pauling at the end of 2019. Alexis worked at a very popular New Age Bookstore in Venice CA many years ago which has since closed. I absolutely loved that store and have sincerely missed it. Thus why The Mystic Eye was born. We are opening as a mobile boutique. Keep in touch for the locations of our latest Pop Ups!

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Original unique geometric name patterns and word pattern designs which cannot be replicated. Geometric Name Patterns are words transformed into Sacred Geometric pattern images. GNP's or GWP's were born in Los Angeles in November of 2018. Aehlex is the first and only person creating these sacred patterns. She believes the patterns to be an ancient Universal language. The word is handwritten initially then transformed into sacred Geometry. It is an art that's both intuitive and mathematical.

Aehlex (c) Claymonics 2018